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When you think of Mexican food, the first thing that comes to mind is definitely not a dessert. What is a famous Mexican dessert?

Churros (also known as the Mexican doughnut). Churros are commonly known as a stick shaped fried doughnut dusted with sugar. This tasty dessert is usually accompanied with a chocolate dipping sauce. Churros can also be accompanied with other dipping sauces such as vanilla cream or condensed milk. Not only are the churros very tasty, but they are also a fantastic way to share a cheeky dessert.

Another popular Mexican dessert is chocolate mousse due to its cool and soft chocolate texture. A chocolate mousse goes well following a hot spicy Mexican meal. The mousse itself can be served with fruit such as strawberries, raspberries, and kiwifruit dusted with icing sugar. At Fiesta our popular chocolate mousse is served with chocolate dipped strawberries, chocolate flakes and vanilla ice cream.

One of the most surprising and unique Mexican Desserts created by Mexican culture is Jalapeno Ice cream. The ice cream is infused with hot peppers which makes it such a tasty and unique dessert. If you have never tried Jalapeno Ice cream, you owe it to yourself to try it. At Fiesta our Jalapeno ice cream has rose petals and crunchy candy. Served with white chocolate and raisin sauce.

Now that you know more about Mexican desserts, why don’t you treat yourself to a fantastic Mexican dessert after your main course.

Don’t know which dessert to try? Follow your taste buds and see which Fiesta dessert has you wishing for more. Will it be Churros or Jalapeno candy ice cream?


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