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Did you know, the first entree was created in 1555? It was known as the first french meal for the upper class society. Entree, meaning entrance.

So what is an entree?

An entree can be considered as an excuse to have a small dish before your main meal. It is also known as an appetiser, starter or street eat/s. In Spanish you say “entremeses, aperitivos or antojitos”.

Fiesta has a wide selection of aperitivos and antojitos including, seafood, chicken, beef and vegetables choices. Many guests have enjoyed, pollo al limon, flautas, wingettes, explosion de jalapeno and quesadillas.

Fiesta’s aperitivos and antojitos were inspired by the main ingredients Mexican culture has used for many centuries. Ingredients such as chilli, lemon, roast peppers and salsa. These elements are very important, to creating famous authentic Mexican flavours.

Entrees are also a great idea to share after work with your colleagues. Entrees allows you to try many smaller sized dishes and are perfect in delivering you with lots of variety. Entrees are best enjoyed with your favourite Mexican drink e.g. a cold Mexican beer or a frozen Margarita click here for more drink options.

Some of the entrees at Fiesta are served as mains. If you enjoyed your entree on your first visit you certainly won’t be disappointed to have your entree as a main.

If meat or gluten isn’t your thing, there are also gluten free Mexican and vegetarian options available for everyone to enjoy. Look out for (V) and (GF) on Fiesta’s dine in menu.

Enough about all this entree talk and more eating, which entree will you be having tonight?


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