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Why is it always a Fiesta in Mexico? Mexico is the ultimate tourist destination and that is why millions of people from all over the world flock to the sunny beaches of Mexico to lie out and sip on margaritas, and maybe have a shot of tequila. The people of Mexico are humble and generous, happy to help a traveler find their way.

Destinations like Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Tijuana and Mexico City are amongst some of the most popular. At these tourist destinations you will be sure to find cold margaritas, taco stands on the street selling very cheap food, great Mexican restaurants, and of course beaches you see in Corona commercials. And for the traveller on a budget, Mexico can be inexpensive if done right. For those reasons alone you can convince just about anybody that Mexico is the vacation destination to enjoy.

An uplifting and energizing feeling will come to you with the sounds of the Mariachi band you will hear when in Mexico. The Mariachi band is a group of people mostly men, who each play an instrument, which is either the guitar, violin, trumpet, bass, and even an accordion. The group will generally wear the same type of outfit, which is a black suit with bright stitching, and sewn in designs that are colourful and artistic. These friendly gentlemen usually play for tips at restaurants and in the streets. But none the less, the Mariachi band is a big part of the fiesta in Mexico.

At Fiesta we imitate the food drink and atmosphere they enjoy in Mexico. So come down and treat your senses to a vacation to Mexico!

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