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Gluten Free Menu

Our gluten free menu ensures everyone can enjoy their dining experience at Fiesta. Being a restaurant member of Coeliac Victoria we especially cater for coeliac guests, who love their Mexican cuisine. Our gluten free Mexican food menu includes nachos, dips, tacos, fajitas and much more.

Macho Nachos $23.90
Nacho de especiales $19.90
Pumpkin dip $13.90
Chilli con Queso $14.90
Guacamole $14.90
Salsa Dip $12.90
Chicken Salad $17.90
Smoked Salmon Salad $19.90
Frijole Tacos $5.90
Chicken Tacos $6.90
Smoked Salmon Tacos $7.90
Beef Tacos $6.90
Black Turtle Beans Tacos $5.90
Enchilada (Beef or Chicken) $9.90
Taquitos $9.90
Lime Chicken $12.90
Enchilada Grande (Beef or Chicken) $22.90
Cajun Chicken $23.90
Beef Fajitas $24.90
Chilli Prawn Fajitas $25.90
Vegetarian Fajitas $23.90
Chicken Fajitas $24.90
Beef & Chicken Fajitas $24.90
Carne Asada w/ Corn tortillas $23.90
Fiesta combo w/ Corn tortillas $24.90
Kahlua Icecream $11.90
Cointreau marinated strawberries $11.90