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Mexican catering Melbourne

Want the best Mexican catering Melbourne has to offer, for your next party or big event?

Fiesta’s Mexican catering will certainly impress your clients, co-workers or friends and family with their delicious range of Mexican food. Don’t be surprised if they are left wanting more, ¡Quiero Mas!

Fiesta has a wide range of tasty Mexican finger food, main meals, desserts and delicious non alcoholic and alcoholic bebidas (drinks). Whatever your needs are for your upcoming Mexican catering event, Fiesta can meet them! (See Fiesta’s Mexican catering menu).

Fiesta’s catering service offers external catering for special events, corporate functions, Christmas and Birthday celebrations, EOFY parties and those with an excuse to throw a colourful Mexican Fiesta!

To make your next event really go off with a bang, Fiesta can provide vibrant Piñatas filled with wrapped lollies waiting to burst. Piñatas are a Mexicans’ secret to generate many laughs and excellent entertainment!

Mexican Catering Menu

Pumpkin Dip
Roasted butternut pumpkin, garlic, fresh cilantro and ginger.
Frijole Con Queso 
Refried pinto beans, cheese & chili sauce blended to create a rich, spicy dip.
Chili Con Queso 
A smooth tasty cheese dip blended with garlic, diced jalapeno chilies & roasted capsicum
Plump avocados blended with fresh chili, lemon juice, spices, tomatoes and slightly seasoned.
Salsa Dip 
Our renowned blend of tomato, diced onion, celery, coriander & chili.
Chili Con Carne 
A thick soup of beans, beef, tomatoes, ground chilies, spices & melted cheese.
Chicken Flautas – like a long shaped cigar 
Hawker style food from Mexico City. This simple dish is made with wheat flour tortilla rolled around chicken & shallow fried. Served with guacamole, salsa & sour cream.
The favourite snack of Mexicans. All natural corn tortillas filled with beef, lightly fried & served with tomato chili sauce.
Vegetarian Flautas 
As above, except with roast vegetables inside. Served with guacamole, salsa & sour cream.
Soft or Hard Tacos
Diced Chicken Breast
Shredded Spiced Beef
Black Turtle Beans
Fajitas – wrap your own
Sliced Porterhouse Beef
Skinless Chicken Breast
Roasted Vegetables

Fiesta Star

Mexican Catering Melbourne Mexican Catering Mexican Catering Food

Need enthusiastic staff to cater your event? No hay problema!

Fiesta has a professional team filled with fun and outgoing staff who will ensure your guests are satisfied, and your event is a smooth success. Fiesta can prepare the food at the restaurant or, if provided the food can be prepared at the event site. We are flexible! And the best part is, that Fiesta’s Mexican party catering services can be provided on any budget, at anytime!

Fiesta has catered for many famous events and guests including Andre Agassi, Lleyton Hewitt, and the Williams sisters to name a few. Fiesta’s Mexican catering has been a great success and we hope to create satisfied guests at your event too! It is Fiesta’s goal to create a memorable experience for all your guests.